final hours

You probably have less than one day to shop, but you should still check this out: etsy , where you can find one-of-a-kind, handcrafted or collectible items from around the world, is offering free worldwide shipping on selected items this weekend!  I enjoy shopping at etsy because you can find a lot of unique pieces and oftentimes you can learn more about the creator, so each piece has its own story to tell.

如果你喜歡風格獨具的單品, 千萬別錯過 etsy 網站, 有來自世界各地的賣家賣他們的二手收藏, 或手工作品, 本週末限定商品免運費至世界各地, 只需輸入 code: weekend deals. 以美國時間算的話各位還有大約一天的時間可以逛逛, 其實就算不買, 去晃晃也能有好些靈感妳說是吧!?

check out these super cute silhouette earrings; i love the contrast between the delicate gold plated frame and the minimalist boy's portrait, and look how they're hanging out of a tea cup in the photo! The bubbling scarf is another cute piece; it's in beautiful fall colors and goes with my all black outfits.  check out etsy today, if you don't plan to buy anthing, at least get some inspiration! 


由左至右: Golden Bronze Antler Stag Hair Pins ;  These dreams are taking flight too print ; Vegan Mini Journal ;  SWEET CAGE earrings ;   Secret Room - A Sterling Silver Charm Necklace