{fashion} : Sweet and Chic


love the necklece.

One of the best things about blogging is that sometimes you stumble upon some pictures of a fashion insider.  Teen Vogue is one of my favorite magazines and look at what I found!  Mary-Kate Steinmiller!  The Market Editor for Teen Vogue magazine.  Chic! Chic! Chic!

無意間找到這些 fashion insider 的穿搭街拍就像 shopping 的時候挖到寶一樣。如果妳喜歡 Teen Vogue, 那就不能不知道 Mary-Kate Steinmiller.  她是 Teen Vogue 的市場編輯, 專門為 Teen Vogue 找尋新銳設計師、和他們的作品.


vintage skirt.  美麗的古董裙! 

She'd be a great source of inspiration for guests at our upcoming event: Green Fashion Day-to-Night.  The look is professional yet shows a bit of her sweet personality - she probably likes things with a girly touch.

對上班族來說, 如果妳喜歡這幾張圖片, Steinmiller 也許可以是妳平日穿搭的靈感:一點點甜甜的個性、有型、又有強烈的專業感。


Seriously, if someone can be featured in the Sartorialist multiple times, that say something. 

image sources : first and second streetpeeper / the rest blackeiffel